STS128 + ISS over Little Rock. A panoramic and time lapse view of the Space Shuttle plus International Space Station over Little Rock September 8, 2009. The three images each show the two spaceships about 350 miles or 7 seconds apart on very similar orbital paths. You can see a slight separation by close examination of the left trail. The four images were exposed between 20:14:47 and 20:16:40 CDT. This is a composite image made of four separate exposures. Images 1, 3 and 4 (L to R) were taken by John Blakney who missed fired at the peak (closest to location) of the pass. Fortunately Brian Cormack was setup next to me and captured that moment at a different focal length with his Olympus. Using Hugin, the images are combined to make this 170 degree panorama with a mild fish-eye effect. Photo Credit: Blakney-Cormack-Blakney-Blakney.